The Truth About Proposition 10:

Prop 10 will NOT increase funding for affordable housing.

Prop 10 will NOT force local communities to build the housing approved in their
general plans.

Prop 10 will NOT provide any immediate
relief for people facing higher housing costs.

Prop 10 Is Bad For Renters

“Tens of thousands of renters, including seniors and others on fixed incomes, could be forced out of their apartments and communities under Prop 10, which allows wealthy corporate landlords to turn apartments into condos and short-term vacation rentals. It will increase the cost of renting and make it even harder to find affordable housing.”

~ Alice Huffman, President, California State Conference NAACP


Prop 10 Is Bad For Homeowners

“Prop 10 could hurt homeowners by authorizing a new government bureaucracy that can tell homeowners what they can and cannot do with their own private residence. It could make homes more expensive for future buyers and hurt families trying to purchase their first home.”

~ Steve White, President, California Association of REALTORS