New Internal Poll Finds Support Waning for Proposition 10

Just 28% Of Respondents Support Prop 10, Dropping 12% Since June

SACRAMENTO, CA – The No on 10—A Flawed Initiative That Will Make The Housing Crisis Worse coalition, which is led by the California Business Roundtable and includes more than 340 social justice advocates, business groups and taxpayer advocates, today announced that its new statewide online and telephone survey finds that just 28 percent of voters support Prop 10, down from 40 percent who supported the initiative in June.

“It’s clear that voters are starting to understand that Prop 10 is deeply flawed and will just make the housing crisis worse,” said Michael Bustamante, spokesperson for the No on 10 campaign. “Prop 10 started out at less than 50 percent, based on our initial voter survey, and it looks like the more they know the less they are willing to buy into the snake oil Michael Weinstein and the proponents of Prop 10 are trying to sell voters.”

The poll of 800 registered voters, conducted September 6-10 both online and via telephone, showed a significant decrease in support from the last poll the committee conducted in June. In both cases registered voters were read the official ballot title. In June, just 40 percent of voters supported the measure without the benefit of any education. In mid-July, the No campaign launched its statewide voter education effort focused on Prop 10’s flaws and how passage of the initiative will make the housing crisis worse, bringing increased housing costs to Californians who can least afford it.

The survey was conducted by Baselice & Associates, has a margin of error of +/-3.5. The statewide registered voter breakdown included 29% Republican, 47% Democrat, and 24% Independent.

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