Ad Underscores How Prop 10 Will Hurt Homeowners and Renters, Increase Government Bureaucracy

SACRAMENTO, CA – The No on Proposition 10 – A Flawed Initiative That Will Make the Housing Crisis Worse committee today launched its first television and digital ad against Proposition 10, the measure on the November ballot that would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and replace it with up to 539 government run boards and commissions that would make the housing crisis worse.

The ad, the first in a series to run statewide, is aimed at educating voters about why Prop 10 is bad for both renters and homeowners, pointing out that Prop 10 could make existing housing even more expensive, dictate what a homeowner could charge to rent out their own home, and add government imposed fees along the way.

The ad points out Proposition 10 would put bureaucrats, up to 539 rental boards, in charge of housing and cites the non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office as saying Proposition 10 could cost state and local government millions of dollars in lost revenue. The ad also mentions that Prop 10 puts taxpayers at risk for millions in legal costs.

The No on Proposition 10 – A Flawed Initiative That Will Make the Housing Crisis Worse committee’s ad buy will run on statewide television and on digital platforms starting today to educate voters about the measures many flaws.

Proposition 10 is opposed by housing and social justice advocates, veterans, labor organizations, business and taxpayer groups, affordable housing advocates and seniors.  The ad can be viewed at

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Contact: Michael Bustamante
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“The No on Prop 10 committee is an ethnically diverse committee working to ensure voters are educated about the flawed and disingenuous rhetoric by the yes campaign.”

– John Gamboa, California Community Builders